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Selasa, 04 September 2012

photo terbaik 2012 (3)

Olympic and other Stadiums with a birds eye view

Today we offer you a look at the pictures of the best stadiums and Olympic Stadiums around the world with a bird's-eye view.

Kensington Festival of Miniatures Doll House

Kensington Festival of Puppet homes (Kensington Dollshouse) since 1985, brings together collectors and professionals involved in miniature work. The festival is one of the world's largest selling exhibitions of works of miniature art.
Kensington Festival of Miniatures doll house - 1

The most unusual winter resorts

Five-story hotel "Monte Rosa Hut", designed for 120 seats, located at an altitude of 2890 meters in the Swiss Alps. It is considered the most energy-efficient building because of the high-altitude maximum self-sufficiency and environmental safety.

Best photo of the day 07 17 2012

Osprey eats almost exclusively fish, the bird produces it with surprising dexterity. The method of hunting is flying around the reservoir in order to find and select the right size fish floating on the allowable depth and the subsequent attack on her from above. Attack of the swift, but its rate varies, osprey can not dive deeply, she hunts in shallow water, and therefore choosing a dive speed of the bird should take into account the depth, or it can crash into bed and suffer. Osprey enters the water feet forward, claws - hooks and build-up of dense tissue between the toes can reliably capture and hold the slippery fish at kilometer flights - already a prey.
Osprey hunting a fish - 1

Observations from above

These photos were taken by an ordinary digital camera, but with an unusual point - with the Earth's orbit. Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers (Andre Kuipers) is currently conducting research at the International Space Station and he became interested in photography.
picture taken from space - 1

Jellyfish Lake

In the eastern part of the densely wooded island of ESA-Malki, a member of the archipelago of rocky islands (the state of Palau) is an amazing marine lake, in which he lives a lot of jellyfish. There are only two types of jellyfish are living here - the gold and the moon.

Best photo of the day 07 14 2012

The seller hand shoes on the street in Quetta, Pakistan. Quetta - the largest city and capital of the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. Locals call Quetta "Pakistan's orchard." The city is fortified fort, surrounded by hills on all sides. (Naseer Ahmed / Reuters)
Best photo of the day - 1


This unusual fish has entered in the Guinness Book of Records because of its size. Sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world. The length of her body can reach three meters. Also, there are cases when the fish reaches a length of 5.5 meters.
Sunfish - 1

Clay Army

In Barrington's Court, England, ending balance of 40,000 clay figurines. They are part of the installation of "Field for the British Isles" Anthony Gormleysa. What exactly are they going to say an artist - everyone must decide for himself, for sure it is not known. What is known is the fact that the figures occupied three large rooms and now stand there and wait for the opening.
Clay Army - 1

Best photo of the day 07 12 2012

This best photo is taken by Nikolai Matveev. Photographer called it Illumination. This is the rare luck for the photographers to capture such a beautiful scene.
Illumination - 1

Amazing road giants

Way Giants - coastal area consisting of 40,000 basalt columns of volcanic origin. Located on the north-east of Northern Ireland, 4.8 kilometers north of Bushmills. In 1986 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and in 1987 - a national reserve.

The most unusual buildings from around the world part 2

We have already published first part of “The most unusual buildings from around the world”. Now we offer you to see second part. These buildings were designed by talented architects with unlimited, and sometimes crazy fantasy, aimed to create millions of homes, the one that stood out not only nationally, but around the world.

Official opening of the tallest skyscraper in Europe The Shard

On July 5th in London 310-meter skyscraper The Shard "Splinter" was officially opened. Housed the structure in the shape of a pyramid, on the south bank of the Thames near London Bridge. In the 95th storey of the building offices, hotel and residential areas will accommodate.

Skyscraper construction has caused a lot of public debate. The building designed by Italian architect knapsack Piano significantly changed the historic appearance of the city. At some point, UNESCO has considered the inclusion of the Tower of London to the list of World Heritage in Danger. However, the authorities of the city and the sponsors failed to convince the public that "Splinter" will bring the capital of more pluses than minuses.

Best photo of the day 07 06 2012

Rescuers recovered from under the rubble of a destroyed house a two-week infant. Little girl named AzraKaraduman rescued after 46 hours after the earthquake in the city of Van, in southeastern Turkey.
Best photo of the day 07 06 2012 - 1

The most unusual cloud

Various cloud formations studied by meteorologists for centuries. But only after the widespread introduction of cameras into our lives the opportunity to capture the unique natural phenomenon, which sometimes lasted not long. We invite you to see these unusual clouds.

Best photo of the day 07 05 2012

The representative of the Turkana tribe, ethnic lying on the ground waiting for treatment in Makutano, Kenya. (Dai Kurokawa / European Pressphoto Agency)
representative of the Turkana tribe - 1

Summer pasture Taban neighborhood and Karagai

These best landscape photos taken in the photo project "Unknown Kazakhstan" by photographer of Kazakhstan, Constantine Kikvidze.

A world without people

For several reasons, economic or because of natural disasters, people refuse to stay in some places of the planet. There you can watch the apocalyptic paintings. That's because the world would look like if all people suddenly disappear.

Best photo of the day 07 04 2012

An activist holds out a flower to one of the police, which block a protest march and protest against the arrest of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev. More than 5,000 opposition activists took to the streets of the capital in protest. (AP Photo / Andriy Kravchenko)
Best photo of the day 07 04 2012 - 1

Hotel Rogner Bad Blumau

In Austria, few years ago an extravagant thermal hotel Rogner Bad Blumau, Blyumau (Styria) opened. The hotel is built in accordance with the principles of an eccentric architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Friedensreich Hundertwasser). His architectural concept of Friedensreich has stated in several manifestos and implemented in a variety of projects.
The first house built on an artificial archipelago of "The World" 4 kilometers from Dubai, UAE. The archipelago consists of 300 private islands and repeats the shape of the world map. At the time of its construction to a halt due to the global financial crisis. (Photo: Reuters)
best photo site - 1

Travelers legs

Photographer Tom Robinson (Tom Robinson) makes the photos on the memory in an unusual way - pictures of feet.

Best photo of the day 07 02 2012

Bike shop in Atlansberge (Altlandsberg), Germany. The owner of the shop, Peter Horstmann, decided to decorate the building with old bikes, for this purpose he has accumulated more than 40 broken models. Customers buying new bikes, and in gratitude gave the old ones. At the moment, on the walls of shops are 120 bicycles.
Best photo of the day 07 02 2012 - 1

Best photo of the day 07 01 2012

Villagers of Philippine town near Elorde Bunavan Cox with a huge crocodile, caught by local residents and staff of a crocodile farm. After three weeks of hunting, a 6.5-meter crocodile caught in a trap set at the mouth of the river. (AP)
big crocodile - 1

Graffiti on the Al Mac

El Mack was born in Los Angela in 1980, son of an engineer and artist. He is familiar with the art world from the cradle. Especially a lot of time he devoted to individuals and human figures. The inspiration he draws from the Mexican culture of the city of Phoenix, religious art, pin-up, graffiti, and a wide range of classical artists. He began to paint with acrylic and do graffiti in the middle of the 90th and since then constantly improve their own style.

Best photo of the day 06 30 2012

Fireworks over the Cathedral of St. Basil during the International Festival of Military Bands "Spassky Tower." Participants in the annual event, (held August 31 at Red Square in Moscow), were military bands from different countries. (REUTERS / Sergei Karpukhin)
fireworks - 1

Treasures of Egypt

Egypt - a country in which you can not just dive into grand millennial history and mystery, but also get a lot of wonderful impressions of an unforgettable holiday. How? Each defines for itself. After all, Egypt is rich not only in their sights and antiquities. Tourists can choose from a large abundance of entertainment. Beach vacation, scuba diving, go-karting, horse riding and camel riding, jeep tours in the desert, visiting museums, golf course, the famous Egyptian shopping, restaurants, water rides. All this can be found in this ancient country. Like the Seven Wonders of Egypt: the Nile, Red Sea, the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor, the temples at Abu Simbel, the ancient culture of the Pharaohs and the Bedouins.

Best photo of the day 06 28 2012

Prayer during the Eid al-Fitr in Tahrir Square in Cairo. (Khaled Desouki / Agence France-Press/Getty Images)
Prayer during the Eid al-Fitr - 1

Guinness Book of Records 2011

May 4, 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of Brewing Company "Guinness" went for hunting in the North Slob, Wexford County, Ireland. Their friends got into a dispute over what kind of bird is the fastest in Europe, but he realized that the books do not have such information. Then he decided that it would be nice to have a book of records, which could find the answers to such questions.

The first edition of the Guinness Book of 197 pages was published August 27, 1955, and by Christmas was this book a bestseller in the UK. Since the first edition has sold more than 400 million copies. The last part - "Guinness World Records 2011."

Restaurant in the sky

If someone suddenly decides to make a marriage proposal to his beloved, then dinner in such an environment - will be at the height of the literal and figurative sense. Dinner in the Sky is a real boon for the thrill and quite sophisticated cuisine. The Chef will prepare for you at a height of 50 meters, and you yourself will be fixed in a rotating chair, to be able to survey the panorama of the pie in the most memorable business lunch or romantic dinner in your life.
Sunken boat in the Antarctic (in the same bay where the Russian Antarctic station Bellingshausen) Brazilian boat sank "Mar Sem Fim" the crew was evacuated for three days before the tragedy occurred. This was a private yacht owned by a citizen of Brazil. used for scientific and educational expeditions.
Sunken boat - 1

Celestial Gold rapeseed field

One of the most beautiful time in China is the flowering oilseed rape. Therefore, in the middle of March in the city of Huangshan, located in eastern China, a flurry of tourists. Every year, thousands of photographers here come from all over the world, as well as ordinary fans of the beauty of nature.

Lechuguilla Cave

Carlsbad Caverns National Park in the U.S., more than one decade hit the beauty of cavers and ordinary citizens. It is no coincidence, because this geological park has one of the most beautiful and longest caves in the world - Lechuguilla Cave. She kept her secret until 1986. Since its opening on the map was applied over 190 km of underground tunnels. When the first explorers came down the cave, they were not even aware of its true size.

Lake Crescent a Chinese oasis in the desert

Around 6 km from the city of Dunhuang in western China, Lake Crescent lies  - an incredible oasis in the Gobi Desert. In Chinese it is called Yueyatsyuan. This lake is a crescent-shaped - the most important landmark of the region, where one of the greatest Buddhist temples situated in the world.

Best photo of the day 06 21 2012

In this best photo - Cool, curved edge of the horizon – captured in the field of Ukraine – Photograph by Weise Maxim.
Best photo of the day 06 21 2012 - 1
Click here to download this photo in high resolution.

Desktop wallpapers from National Geographic for May 2012

We offer you a large selection of the best photos from National Geographic in April.

Best friends cheetah and Labrador have been together for a year

A year ago - a small cheetah named Kasi and a puppy Labrador Mtani both are living togather as friends. Kasi threw by his mother, and his keepers brought him to the zoo. A year has passed of their friendship, and still inseparable friends continue to enjoy life at the zoo Bush in Florida, National Park of Tampa Bay.

Best photo of the day 06 20 2012

This best photo was taken by Alexander Ravin in Russia.
Best photo of the day 06 20 2012 - 1

Seize the moment

Good time to the correct angle is important for successful photography .In this post of best photo site, photos are obtained once in a lifetime. The reason for their appearance can be an unexpected set of circumstances or mnogchasovye ambush with a camera, silly accident or a verified motion, jokes subconscious or optical illusions. But each of them is amazing and unique in its own way.

Best photo of the day 06 19 2012

Clown fish under the water of Indonesia, Bali Island.
Clown fish - 1

Biggest dog of the world

Weighing in at 111 kg and height of 1 meter and 9 inches Giant George is a Guinness Book record holder, he was officially registered as the biggest dog in the world. Standing on its hind legs, George rises by as much as 2.2 meters.

A statue of Genghis Khan

A statue of Genghis Khan - a 40-meter statue of the Great Khan (1162-1227) on horseback, standing on the bank of Tuul River in Tsonzhin-Boldoge (54 km east of the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator.

Best photo of the day 06 18 2012

Xkeken Cenote, Mexico a spiritual place of Maya believers. Photograph by John Stanmeyer, National Geographic
Best photo of the day - 1

Ice sculptures at Lake Geneva

In Switzerland, cold enough to roam on Lake Geneva, creating a real ice sculptures on one of the most beautiful waters in Europe.

Sculptures of the ghost in the Scottish woods

The forests of Scotland have long been a favorite holiday destination of both local residents and tourists. But walking through the woods by the lake, near the Scottish town of Aloa untrained person can wind up laughing ... It was here, near the forest path you can see the ghostly figures of men, which is visible through the foliage and branches. This - not the ghosts, as it may seem at first glance, but the work of Scottish sculptor Rob Mulholland.

Best photo of the day 06 17 2012

Pakistanis on the street, strewn with rose petals in Lahore. Thus, a wholesale dealer is drying petals before being sent to market. (AP Photo / K.M. Chaudary)
Best photo of the day - 1

In China the parents abandoned the child werewolf

The little Chinese girl Dzhanli Liu was born with a rare hereditary disease - "werewolf syndrome". It was abandoned even by the father and mother, and only a distant relative of the girl gave her shelter. Now he is looking for doctors who would help the little girl.

Beauty of night and forest lodges

We invite you to see the photo series “beauty of night and forest lodges”. These photos were captured in Russia and worth watching especially for those who like the night and the adventure. Photograph by Vasin, Valery.

Levitation Photography

You can say that levitation is not possible, you can also say that the camera never lies. You can be wrong and in fact, and in another, just look at these photos.

Best photo of the day 06 16 2012

A woman confesses to a priest in one of the confessionals, set in the Retiro Park in Madrid.
A woman confesses to a priest in one of the confessionals - 1

We invite you to see the Most Powerful and meaningful Photographs ( part 1 ) Ever Taken from the last 100 years. These photographs can touch your emotions and some photographs can even make you weep.

Best photo of the day 06 13 2012

An amazing interaction between manatee and a little girl. Photographer said that “it was an awesome capture of one of life’s precious moments”. Photograph by Chirstoper @ CMGW Photography.
Best photo of the day - 1

Red Bull Flugtag in Moscow

Red Bull Flugtag - an event known around the world. Dietrich Mateschitz owns the idea, the owner of Red Bull. Flug Tag in German means "flight day". The participants of Red Bull Flugtag create their own flying machines, which accelerates and takes off with a 6-meter springboard. Presentation of each team is evaluated on three criteria: range, originality and artistry of the aircraft command performances.

Live photos part 2

We have already published Live photos (part 1) , now we invite you to see some more outstanding live photos (called as Cinemagraphs).

Best photo of the day 06 12 2012

Best view of golden gate bridge from an airplane.
Best view of golden gate bridge - 1

Drug war of Mexico

Israeli photographer Shaul Schwarz (Shaul Schwartz) - One of the first who spoke in his pictures on drug war in Mexico. In recent years, Saul saw firsthand the many showdowns, the hunt for dealers, bloody murder scene, and the devastating impact of drugs on culture. On both sides of the border (the U.S. and Mexico) are becoming popular "narkokorridos" - songs about drug lords and militias.

Best photo of the day 06 11 2012

A best view of Rainbow. Photographer gave it the name "Azazel’s Fall". Photo by MORO.
Rainbow - Best photo of the day 06 11 2012 - 1

Biggest cave of the World

The world's biggest cave ( Son Doong cave ), hiding in the jungles of Vietnam. A team of cavers with a local farmer decided to explore its depths.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Germany , standing on the of a rocky outcrop 200 meters, near Füssen in the Allgäu . Ludwig II had built it in the 19th century. Today, it is the most famous castle of Germany , visited annually by millions of tourists.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites Part 1

World Heritage Sites that are included in the special list of UNESCO, represent a great interest for the entire population of the planet. The unique natural and cultural sites make it possible to preserve the unique natural landscapes and man-made monuments that demonstrate the richness of nature and creativity of the human mind. State in which there are World Heritage sites, are committed to their preservation.