| Mera Naam Joker: !0 Konsep Helm Yang Keren

Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

!0 Konsep Helm Yang Keren

1.Gladiat8r Canedo helmet concept

2.Hat Trick bicycle helmet concept

3.CAIR Air Helmet

4.Beetle cycle helmet

Paul Loury’s idea for a new helmet concept is trying to fix that with his foldable helmet named the Beetle Cycle, which is specifically made for the urban cyclist who needs to carry around the helmet after riding through the city. The helmet was created by the designer after studying folding solutions and the shell structures of helmet then developing a comb body that gives it flexibility and provides easy handling.

5.F1 helmet Concept

Charlwood design was invited to create and exhibit a future concept for a Formula 1 drivers helmet. The concept uses a number of cameras which then display the image inside the carbon fibre encased helmet.Source

6.Scorpion Exo 1000 Airfit Concept Helmet – Apollo

This helmet thus snugly follows the shape of your cheeks as if it had been moulded to your very own features. When it comes to safety, this optimised fit provides better protection and reduces the phenomena of lift.

7.Lacoste Helmet Concept

8.Air Flow Helmet Concept

Concept motorcycle helmets like this Air Flow Helmet push the boundaries for new helmet technology. These concept motorcycle helmets have been designed by Pininfarina the new concept of helmet that Newmax, leading company in the segment of luxury helmets, presented on its stand at the International Motorcycle Exhibition at this years Milan Fair.

9.Stilo ST4 concept helmet

If you were wondering, it’s not the first CF helmet ever created (Google Head Trip by SCC) but this is one of the better looking skull socks we’ve seen, thanks to its stylish Italian design.

10.Wind Harnessing Helmet Concept