| Mera Naam Joker: Sniper Russia

Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Sniper Russia

By 2016, they plan to finish training and staffing an effective sniper force as a part of Russian land forces. After that, all snipers will be additionally trained 3 to 4 times a year according to programs that include: counter sniper training, shooting training, working in pairs, etc.
This time we are going to show you how they train snipers, why snipers must pass psychological tests and if they are prepared enough to provide medical assistance to their wounded partner.


Snipers are provided with different types of rifles due to the wide spectrum of tasks set. Besides, each soldier is given an individual weapon, a handgun. Individual and group equipment includes: a sniper set,  uniform, binocular, laser reconnaissance device and other devices.

Psychological testing consists in completing a questionnaire which lets the psychologist divide all snipers tested into four groups. Only two groups permit snipers to keep on training and have access to sniper weapons.

After that, the psychologist watches each sniper individually and, if necessary, holds special training with the sniper to improve performance (for example his determination). If correction is impossible, the sniper gets discharged from the service.

The snipers should be able to make prompt decisions and establish priorities, be determined, brave, and self-possessed.

Sergeant Velmatkin. After demobilization, he decided to return to the army and become a sniper. And he succeeded.

Snipers should be able to make a camouflage suit by material at hand by themselves. Of course, they could buy one in a specialized store but, according to the officers, they all need additional work and moreover, they are not that cheap. Each suit costs approximately 200$ which is rather expensive for a contract sergeant.

Snipers practicing their skills in camouflaging their firing positions.
Really bad weather conditions (melting snow and rain) made the task even more difficult.

The sniper lies down on the all-weather raincoat and his companion covers him with twigs and snow. In this position, the sniper may spend from several hours to several days. They say that it is not that cold in winter and if you light a candle in there, it gets even warmer.

This fake sniper is equipped with a micro mirror which can emit specks of light to attract the attention of the enemy sniper who, by opening fire, may betray his location.

Old armed military hardware is a great place for a sniper’s firing position. Often, they use stubs, both real and artificial.

Obstacle course exercise.

The sniper must know how to render medical aid to his partner (spotting the wounded place on the body of the partner and putting a tourniquet) because often, there are just two of them in the firing position.

When the tourniquet is put, the sniper has to evacuate his wounded partner from the battlefield. He should be very careful and not to reveal himself while doing it.

Shooting exercise.

Snipers are considered the elite troops in the army and it is very important that those who train to be a sniper were self-interested, apart from disciplined and skilled. Best snipers are decorated with a chevron, a pride of each sniper.