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Rabu, 03 April 2013

Sumber yang Asli

(EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) Previously unseen photos tell of a painful, grisly and deadly time in Tamil history. American journalists need to pay attention.
Not Gaza... this is Sri Lanka three years ago.
Not Gaza... this is Sri Lanka three years ago.
(SACRAMENTO, CA) - As the Israelis lay siege to Gaza, killing children by the score, our newsroom received a whole new batch of images from the Genocide in Sri Lanka that ended just a little over three years ago. The subject, as you will see at the bottom of this report, is one I have covered for years in great detail.
In fact, past articles exposing these horrific slaughter photos of dead and twisted human bodies, are some of Salem-News.com's most viewed pages right now, even though they were written months ago. The writings and multi-media reports are a sad and terrible tribute for tens of thousands of ethnically cleansed Tamils- the minority group in Sri Lanka forever under the grinding thumb of the Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankan government led by President Majinda Rajapaksa and his brothers.
Oh it is a family affair from the breeding grounds of nepotism, and anyone who steps out of line in this island nation finds their life in jeopardy very quickly. When they aren't being killed in government attacks, Sri Lanka uses their fleet of 'white vans' to abduct, torture and murder their political enemies, particularly media, who dare challenge the status quo.

Silent Witnesses

These photos tell so many stories. The picture of children being hanged in their own home; this is an image we have seen before but only the children, not the man who we assume to be their father.
Dead kids tell no tales they assume...
Or do they?
Thanks to these gruesome images, their deaths will never be completely unknown. Only monsters could be responsible for this.
They were murdered it appears, based on the calendar on the wall, in 2006. This is a year after the plans to terminate the Tamil people in the north of Sri Lanka were put into place. They were killed in an area called 'The Vanni'.
It is former U.S. President George W. Bush who greased the wheels for the Tamil Genocide. The event left up to 160k Sri Lankan Tamils dead.
Bush helped Rajapakse and his henchmen designate these desperate people as 'terrorists' - that is an American word that means 'strip people of humanity'. The civilians were mass murdered under the 'exterminate the terrorist' banner.
They scared the GoSL so much. State terror governments don't expect their victims to fight back. LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) were resourceful and dedicated like few groups that came before them.
They had already lost so much by the time they were formed that dedication to the cause of freedom was central for the Liberation Tigers.
The LTTE was faulted by its critics for having used child soldiers when their situation became desperate, but it is clear from these pictures that the plans the government had for these people was much worse, particularly for the innocent children and for the record all children in this world are innocent and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to be slapped or worse, possibly much worse.
Here, civilians were told to enter no-fire zones and then attacked and killed once in place. Sri Lanka would later claim that they were used by the Tamil Tigers as 'human shields' and that is the biggest line of horsecrap ever spoken or written. No resilient resistance organizations use civilians or kids as human shields. That is pure bull and a simple excuse for war criminal governments like Sri Lanka and Israel.
Tricking non-combatants; women and children, into entering areas to be killed, even the devil might not have done that! Perhaps the government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is worse than the devil. I can't help but entertain the possibility.
As a father, I can not begin to comprehend the thinking behind this operation that did so much more than murder with bombs and rockets as the photos of the hanged children and their dad show.
It is true the LTTE or Tamil Tigers as they are more widely known, were some of the best military minority resistance fighters and tacticians who ever lived and fought, and they had many successful attacks against and engagements with the Sri Lanka Army (SLA). But what matters, is that the Tamils spent 30 years; from the year England ended their colonization in '48, trying to hold onto their language and culture and human rights peacefully and non-violently before they ever went militant.
Sadly, as a journalist I feel it is necessary to acknowledge that non-violent protests all too often, are truly weak and limited and that while many want that to be the only approach, non-violent resistance runs the risk of becoming cowardice.
This point was made by the great Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi and also by our writer, the outspoken former U.S. Marine Ken O'Keefe who battled the Israelis during the siege of the ocean liner Mavi Marmara in 2010. Ken took a ton of grief from the pro-Palestine non-violence folks, all of whom slept comfortably the night Ken fought for his life disarming two Israeli 'commandos' who killed nine of his friends and shot and injured dozens.
When faced with an oppressive nation bent on murdering its own citizens who happen to be from the 'wrong' religion, fighting back is one of the only possibilities. Those who wish to remain non-violent as their families are slaughtered are not heroic people.

Sex Abuse and Rape

When examining the various parts of the Sri Lanka Tamil Genocide, one is inevitably faced with the brutal nature of the Buddhist state terrorism program that Tamils had to confront - sadly similar to the plight the Burmese Rohingya people are dealing with today where Buddhist mobs have been burning villages and murdering people left and right. That's right, as I write this, once again... Buddhist killers are attacking religious minorities with torches to burn and machetes to slice the humanity out of vulnerable civilians of the 'wrong' religion. Soldier and police sex abuse of Rohingya Muslims is another constant problem.
As we have significantly documented, there were mass rapes of women and girls conducted by troops of the Sri Lanka Army. They actually recorded the aftermath of one of these escapades on their own video cameras, and those images... loading nude female rape / murder victims into the back of a truck, include statements from the soldiers who joke in extremely callous, insensitive ways about the dead, mostly dead... or soon to be dead, female victims.
A soldier shockingly proclaims of one victim, that he "would like to cut her tits off". What kind of people does Sri Lanka allow into its military? In twenty years of news, covering the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and dozens of deaths, murders, and other terrible crimes; after all of that, I have never heard such foul words uttered in such a casual tone.
This goes right to the very soul of humanity as far as I am concerned, creatures like this existing as armed soldiers... the mere notion of it is beyond comprehension.
    The nude bodies are kicked and treated like inanimate objects, while at least one of the women is clearly still alive.
The video from Channel 4 in London as you can see by looking below, has been removed by YouTube. This is no mystery, it is another example of how Google is a paid element of the Sri Lanka Genocide.
I wrote before about how Google doctored the Google Earth images on Sri Lanka (as they were shot during the Genocide) and sewed in a frame from some time after the killing, to make the area look peaceful, to ensure that the bodies are removed or rotted away. War criminals like YouTube, and Google is on their side. At any rate, I am glad we recorded below the words so YouTube can't help the GoSL as much as they would like, the pricks.
The revelation as shown in the lower right photo, is that the SLA did cut the breasts off of women and I have not seen this before, to me it looks like another clear case for the International Criminal Courts (ICC) and I suspect they will find it very interesting as it corroborates our worst fears.

Translated dialog from Ch-4 Video

Statements of Sri Lanka soldiers
"Motherfuckin Tiger wankers!"
"Load the ammo" "Show your face"
"Hey... pose with the bodies"
--then while showing bodies of what appear to be dead Tamil Tiger child soldiers---
"Hey look up" (Soldier looks at camera and makes grunting sound)
---then during the loading of female bodies--
"Bring that body... Another one"
"She is moaning now"
"Moaning in your head?"
"Still moaning?"
"Bring that one"
"This one has the best figure"
"This one has the best figure".
---We have more footage, taken elsewhere, which suggests systematic murder, abuse and sexual violence---
"She seems like someone who's newly joined"
"She looks like someone's clerk"
"Look how many pencils and pens she's got"
"I really want to cut her tits off"
"...if no one was around"
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This is a shocking but extremely important video clip from
Channel-4 in London, producers of 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields'